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Colin is a cancer survivor and St. Jude patient.  Colin and his family have participated in several of the Honorine St. Jude events over the past few years.  We look forward to welcoming Colin and his family back again at this year’s event, but for now, here’s a brief look at his story.

In June 2009, on the day Colin was due to celebrate his second birthday with extended family, his little legs collapsed beneath him when his mother, Tamiko, tried to wake him up from bed. The day before, Colin had been running with his older brother and eating ice cream. Now he couldn’t move.

At the emergency room, scans revealed the presence of a large tumor in the forth ventricle of Colin’s brain, an area that controls some of the body’s most basic functions. It was an ependymoma, a malignant tumor that makes up approximately 6 percent of brain tumors in children. After Colin recovered from surgery to remove the tumor, his parents obtained a referral to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for Colin’s ongoing care.

At St. Jude, Colin received surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. He and his family returned home in 2010, and he continues to thrive.  Colin’s mother, Tamiko, sums up her appreciation for the gifts that each day brings. “As a mother, every day that I am able to hug and kiss my sweet little boy, I am grateful for St. Jude.”

Colin and Ian 2013

Colin with his dad and brother at the 2013 Honorine St. Jude Golf Classic.

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